AEQ at the PanAm Games in Guadalajara, Mexico



Between October 14th and 30th , 2011 the Panamerican Games were held in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. Athletes representing the 42 different countries were competing during two weeks in the 24 venues hosting this great sporting event event.. The host broadcaster of the event, International Sports Broadcasting, was decided to provide its customary world class services. The choice of AEQ was easily made considering AEQ's more than proven track record.

After studying different options and the available telecoms structure, ISB decided to use the  DCS-10 commentary system in combination with the AEQ RANGER E1/T1 Audio Multiplexer systems for venues interconnectivity. Among the reasons why the choice of gear fell on AEQ was the very long and proven track record of service that the AEQ equipment offers together with the ease of maintenance and installation. The DCS-10 has been in service for the commentary systems at most of the worlds largest sporting events since 1998 and the RANGER Multiplexers since year 2000.

 For the fully equippedfull service commentary positions at the different venues, AEQ supplied a total of 60 Commentary units for up to three commentators and one guest. The DCS-10 Commentary unit provides very easy to use intercom and talk-back facilities, enabling the commentator to be in communication with his home studio through both Programme and Coordination circuits and with the local commentary technician. For monitoring, the commentator can choose  any mix of his own Programme and Programme return, PA, International Sound, Guide and/or Auxiliary channel. Further, the unit allows the commentator to choose for which ear what signal is to be present in his headset. without having close the programme circuit.

The CCU rack is the control unit of the Commentary Unit and for events of this type, normally located in the commentary control room. The CCU rack controls up to 10 commentary units and has for each commentary position 4 independent recordable ID message tracks for the purpose of identification and line- system up. The main function of this unit is to provide a technical interface to control and monitor the different commentary positions connected to the system at the same time as it is providing remote powering for each position. The unit provides a wide array of operational possibilities such as talk-back to commentators and remote studios or OB-vans, connection of additional audio services for commentators, etc. Summarising, the DCS-10 is a system that adapts perfectly to any technical and operational requirements for the broadcasting of an international sport event.

For venues interconnectivity, AEQ also supplied 22 RANGER MULTIPLEXER SYSTEMS. The Multiplexers offer selectable Audio encoding/de-coding algorithms adapting perfectly to the different needs regarding level of service required. Audio bandwidths from 3,5 Khz in Mono to 15 Khz Stereo can be offered in any combination and providing up to 62 Channels per E1 connection. Further, for the technical operations intercommunication between the Commentary Control Rooms at the different venues and the Commentary Switching Centre at the IBC, the  AEQ analogue Intercom systems IN-02 and IN-03 were used.


AEQ also provided system maintenance from set-up through games time.

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