AEQ Provides the commentary and audio contribution systems for the African Soccer Championships.

The African Football Championship CAN-2010 celebrated in January became the 27th edition of the African Football Championship. It was staged in Angola, which obtained the right to receive the tournament for the CAF, in a decision based on the rotation of organizer country.

Audio signal contributions from four stadiums are transmitted to the IBC over E1 2Mbps links, and from this center are internationally distributed ISDN digital lines in collaboration with Telefonica of Spain.

AEQ provided the following equipment and services; 100 AEQ DCS-10 commentary units. Course AudioCodec systems and Ranger E1/T1 Audio Multiplexors for contribution network interconnections. Installation, maintenance and operation. AEQ provided complete installation and operation of the total commentary system for four stadiums and a modern International Broadcasting Center to centralize all the communications. Luanda stadium has 40.000 seats and uses 40 CU. Bengela, Lubango and Cabinda stadiums have 20000 seats and use 20 CU each. All the interconnections of the stadiums to the IBC are done over 2Mbps E1 links using AEQ RANGER multiplexers, and the external communications use ISDN lines over AEQ  COURSE multi-codecs.

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