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The biggest private television channel in Syria chooses AEQ's audio technology to equip the totality of its studios

AEQ has installed recently in ADDOUNIA TV's head offices in Damascus (Syria) three digital consoles model AEQ ARENA, to give service to the programs realized from the new TV studios, as well as to the OB productions with a console mounted in the new OB Van of the company.

ADDOUNIA TV is the biggest private TV channel of Syria, with regular Arabic transmissions on the Arabsat and Nilesat satellites, and a potential coverage of all Middle East and part of Asia and north of Africa.

The first part of the project consisted in the installation, configuration and start-up of the digital mixer AEQ ARENA in the control associated to studio 1. Studio 1 is a medium-size studio (600m2), specifically designed for programs like News and Talk Shows, this is the reason because the ARENA console installed has numerous inputs for conventional and wireless microphones (up to 24), and great number of auxiliary output for recording, monitoring and distribution to cameras, journalists, VTRs, central control.

The equipment has 25 physical faders, and up to nine virtual pages, which would allow in a future to operate up to 215 signals simultaneously, at present, approximately 75 are used.

The second part of the project included the installation, configuration and start-up of a digital mixer AEQ ARENA in ADDOUNIA's new TV OB Van. It is complete OB van for television in digital format on standard definition, prepared to work with up to 6 cameras simultaneously, and maximum personnel of 20 persons in its three sections: video, audio and effects. AEQ's console is the central unit of the audio section, with 25 physical faders, operates approximately 70 different signals, of which 20 are microphones (6 wireless), four Betacam VTR and two video effects generators like Slow-Motion and EVS.

The project was completed, with the installation, configuration and start-up of the third digital mixer AEQ ARENA in the control associated with the new studio 2. Basically this equipment replicates the configuration of the studio 1, with the same number of input/output channels.

After the installation, a few days of training were organized by the AEQ's personnel displaced to Syria, for maintenance technical personnel and for personnel of operation on the control surface, where they could close numerous details of the configuration, fitting it to the exact requirements of the daily operation of a television channel as ADDOUNIA TV.


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