Radio Jiang Xi


This regional radio station has purchased two BC-2000 D digital consoles for the first phase of the technical upgrade of its main center in the southern city of Nan Chan Later, in the 2007 spring, after one year and a half of operation, they have continued with the technical upgrade in part thanks to a project financed in part by the Spanish government.

They have acquired for the master control room a BC-2000 D Router, precabled for 80x80 inputs and outputs. This matrix can be controlled by a PC, with output for two monitors, or via a dedicated XY panel. Six patch-panels plus 10 TH02 digital hybrids from AEQ have been provided. Also, 4 studios have been added to the previous 2, with BC-2000 D digital mixers with 25 faders, pre-cabled at the factory.

Moreover, all the engineering and mounting of a BC-2000 D console of 15 faders has been one in an OB Van (IVECO 35C13) with capacity to broadcast from anywhere thanks to its 100W transmitter. As a complementary function, this OB Van is capable of making live shows pening 2 panels with 4 high-power loudspeakers.

All the installation has been done in China by the engineers from our local dealer, Infomedia, and AEQ engineers, from the diagrams made in Spain.



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