Radio Agricultura, Chile



September 4th 2008

Radio Agricultura is an opinion leading radio in Chile with 71 years of experience. 100% live radio, permanently interactive, pluralist and objective, that is defined as informative, sporty and, especially, entertained. Using an extensive network and its own centres, has national coverage and transmission in FM and AM frequency. In its programme schedule can be found the major space of stars and opinion leaders of the Chilean radio.

During last ten years Radio Agricultura has been a happy customer of AEQ BC2000 audio mixer and AEQ Systel 3000 multiconference system: So after analyzing different alternatives in the broadcast market, 92.1FM Radio Agricultura has selected for its facilities in Santiago of Chile the AEQ technology again to equip completely a new studio on AEQ ARENA digital mixer, and AEQ SYSTEL 6000 system for the centralized management of all the incoming and outgoing communications associated with the programs realized in the company.

AEQ ARENA digital mixer possesses 15 faders control surface in blue colour finished, possibility of up to nine pages, allowing to control up to a maximum of 135 input/outputs signals. The configuration of the installed unit at present consists of 8 mic/line switched inputs with possibility of Phantom power +48V independently for channel, 10 analogue stereo line level inputs, 10 analogue stereo line level outputs and 3 digital stereo inputs in selectable AES/EBU or SPDIF format, as well as 39 inputs and outputs of general purpose type GPIO over physical contact or optocoupler, normally used for remote control of external equipments. Additional 300W redundant power supply, as guarantee before failures in a system prepared for intensive use 7x24 with broadcast quality.

AEQ SYSTEL 6000 communication system for multiconferences given, has AEQ COURSE unit as central communications equipment, an AEQ IMPACT as routing device on charge of the creation of the crosspoints and necessary Mix - minus, and an A/D-D/A converter unit AEQ CADDY model.

AEQ COURSE multicodec equipment can integrate up to 10 independent communication modules, as telephone hybrid and ISDN or IP, supporting a maximum of up to 20 simultaneous communications in a unit of 4RU of size. It possesses redundant power supply, and distributed remote control system. At present the unit consists of a module of communications ISDN with two channels B prepared to work in an independent way or multiplexed, and 4 double telephonic hybrid modules.

The part of communications is completed inside the Systel system with the integration of several IDSN codecs AEQ EAGLE model and several digital telephone hybrids AEQ TH02, installed previously in the facilities.

Control system of the totality of the units inside the Systel 6000 system, offers 4 control interfaces over PC platform, available both in the zone of ONAIR studio (with touch-screen) and in the zone of production and backup or recording studios. Control system is completed with 4 SYSTELSET units for monitoring, PFL and intercom with the external lines.

Inside the plan of technical and quality of audio improvements started by Radio Agricultura, AEQ has supplied additional 16 reporter's units for outside broadcast work, as Digital Portable Recorder AEQ PAW120 model with 1Giga of storage capacity and possibility of integrated editor.

The whole project has been coordinated by AEQ South-American Area Manager Mr. Eduardo Villanueva, whereas the installation and start-up of the complete system was executed by the technical staff of Radio Agricultura led by Technical Manager Mr. Marcos Reyes and Director Mr. Luis Langlois. From the AEQ's technical department, before the shipments of the units, an intensive one-week-duration training was organized in AEQ's headquarters in Madrid, with the intention to certify in the operation, installation and start-up of the units to all the persons involved in the project.



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