AEQ finalise the 3 year long project of renovating the complete technical installation of the National Radio of Angola

The project consisted in the total renovation and equipment for 11 regional centres, and the headquarters in Luanda, where 20 complete studios for On-air continuity were installed.

The biggest part of the installation was accomplished in Luanda, the capital of Angola, and few regional centers and places distributed in the interior area of the country. In this project, AEQ has provided a the services of consultancy before the definition of the system with a team of engineers deployed in Angola to analyze customer needs; services of system engineering and the installation and the configuration of the final system. This last phase involved the long term deployment of several AEQ professionals to the country through the conclusion of the project. The last phase of the project also involved training of the technical and operational staff which has collaborated actively in the facilities installation.

In the studios of the headquarters of Luanda, AEQ has installed 24 BC2000D audio mixers updated to the functionality of the new AEQ ARENA console. In the TOC, AEQ has installed an audio router associated with two BC2000D consoles for Intercom and Múltiplex that control close to 800x800 analogical and digital audio I/O circuits. To be able to manage them adequately, in the matrix control system there were created diverse interface views for macros, crosspoints and alarms to anticipate modulation silences in the outputs. The supply is completed with a complete computer system for the management and production of news, integrating dozens of workingstations in network.


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