AEQ and TRACT sign an exclusive contract for the radio market in Russia 04/07/2017

AEQ and TRACT sign an exclusive contract for the radio market in Russia

June 2017

AEQ is a Spanish company which has more than 35 years of experience in the designing, fabrication and commercialization of professional audio and video equipment, for professional radio and television appliances in the broadcasting environment.

TRACT is a Russian company which was founded in 1992. It specializes in radio projects, where they combine their technical capacity, as an auxiliary equipment manufacturer, with their extensive experience in integrating systems. This allows them to give solutions to the more complex audio and video problems alongside aiding the most important radios in the county, such as VGTK, SRTX, ORT…

For many years both AEQ and TRACT have been working in the Russian radio market providing solutions for their radio studios. Their collaboration dates back to 2008, where the first projects for digitalization studios took place within the region.

Due to the terms on the contract, TRACT will be the exclusive distributor of all of AEQs radio range, including from mixing consoles to audio-codecs to central audio matrices for both Russia and its surround countries, such as Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistán, Kirgigistan, Tayikistán and Moldova.

Various companies believe that the overall experience for the client will improve substantially, due to the technical support they will receive from a Russian after-sales service. This service will provide a vast range of replacement stock, which will be held in Russia, alongside the numerous qualified technical installers which will be found across the country. In addition to this there will be two demo rooms, one in San Petersburgo and the other in Novosibirsk, which will exhibit all the available equipment.

The deal which was struck by the General Director of TRACT, Mr. Konstantin Pravotorkhov, and the Commercial Director of AEQ, Mr Gustavo Robles. This deal will have an immediate effect from July 2017.

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