AEQ applies for associate membership in the OCA Alliance 12/09/2016

AEQ applies for associate membership in the OCA Alliance

During these days, at the IBC Show 2016, AEQ has announced his decision of joining the OCA Alliance platform for the standardization of control systems for professional audio equipment networks based upon the Standard AES70 by the Audio Engineering Society.

Miguel Sancho, AEQ’s Director of R&D:

“AEQ always strive to provide the maximum compatibility through its equipment and in order to provide a convenient environment for its customers. In the professional Audio Industry, organisations such as AES and EBU are very actively promoting the interoperability between different manufacturers and their equipment.

When approaching control protocol compatibility and taking the strategical decision to continue towards the control of a subset of IP enabled equipment, at AEQ we observed several proprietary solutions, some open to other manufacturers and others simply very exclusive and closed to a select group.

On the other hand, we also noticed a group of manufacturers only worrying about the interoperability at the service of the users and supervised by AES that finally got together in the working group of X210 that undertook to elaborate and publish the common standard of AES70 and that should eventually govern us all as manufacturers.

For the reasons exposed we have participated as observers in the AES X210 working group and once the results have been published as the AES70 standard we have presented our application to become associate members in the OCA Alliance. Our aim is to actively participate in this association and contribute in the implementation of AES70 and to facilitate users the integrated control of audio equipment connected through IP networks in broadcast and other professional applications.

Further, we are also trying to enable or make possible the unified control of previously released equipment, either by AEQ or any third party manufacturer that would be prepared to share information about its particular control protocol”.

Finally, AEQ announces its association to the OCA Alliance as a vehicle to promote the unified control of equipment from different manufacturers and with the AES70 standard as its baseline.

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The OCA Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation formed to secure the standardization of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) as a media networking system control standard for professional applications. January 2016, OCA was ratified as AES70 within the Audio Engineering Society. Visit

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