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April 2014

AEQ has been providing equipment, automation and production systems for Radio, Television and other media for almost 35 years. The company is offering high-quality, state-of-the-art products with innovative design at very competitive prices.

AEQ serves a long list of customers from all around the globe with its audio technology. Further, AEQ is a well known equipment and service provider for commentary audio generation, routing and transport at the most important international sport events such as the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics as well as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 and the recently finalized Sochi 2014.
AEQ is dedicating in excess of 30% of its human resources to R&D. This has had as a result that every year for the last 18 years AEQ has been presenting new products with the most vanguard technology.

Through its customers, partners and installations, AEQ’s presence on the on the North- and South-American markets is in average more than 20 years long. AEQ has its headquarters in Madrid and holds offices in USA since 1993.

AEQ makes NAB 2014 its launch pad for several new products and solutions. All these, together with AEQ’s active range of products, are going to be on show at AEQ’s booth C3027:

  • NEW AEQ CAPITOL IP, Ultra-compact digital audio console with AoIP multi-channel network connectivity. CAPITOL IP is an 8 channel digital mixing console based on the AEQ CAPITOL console and the experience gained with this model. The control surface has been redesigned with new softer buttons, more programmable keys and a new arrangement of the monitoring section controls. AoIP multi-channel networking connectivity in CAPITOL IP console is implemented through a single module with 16 input and 16 output channels incorporated in its core.

  • Compact Digital audio console AEQ FORUM.
  • Portable Audiocodecs such as PHOENIX MOBILE (for IP networks), TLE-02D and the SW application AEQ Phoenix PC.
  • NEW Rackmounted IP audiocodecs, AEQ VENUS and AEQ STRATOS. AEQ has expanded its range of Phoenix codecs with a double, full-duplex audiocodec – Phoenix STRATOS. This codec benefits from complementing the advantages of the IP link with one X21/V35 and one ISDN interface. The STRATOS comes with the same features for IP as the Phoenix VENUS(*) but thanks to its multiple telecoms interfaces, the STRATOS becomes very versatile, ideal for transition scenarios IP - ISDN. The codec provides for automatic backup or failover features ensuring that live communications are uninterrupted in the event of main link-failure. The unit can be operated from a front panel but can also be managed from the ControlPHOENIX(*) software. The STRATOS has been developed to allow for additional and optional encoding algorithms upon request, such as AAC and OPUS.
  • NEW  Digital Audio Processor AEQ SONATA, a high-end, 4 band digital audio processor. Sonata provides for 20 factory presets to easily select your station’s sonic signature and another 20 user presets allowing the configuration of customized settings. The processor is configured and controlled locally or via the Internet and comes with a very intuitive and easy-to-use software application graphically represents the system block diagram with VU-meters, making the adjustment of the parameters for the audio processing very comprehensive.

  • Radio automation software AEQ AudioPLUS.
  • NEW AoIP multi-channel network interfaces, AEQ NETBOX 8 and 12. AEQ present two different interfaces for multi-channel AoIP under the common name NETBOX. The interfaces allows for the Audio Input and Output system connectivity at locations where, for example, the installation doesn’t count on AoIP networking capability. NETBOX 32/8 AD features 32/8 input and 32/8 output channels, Mono or Stereo, Analog or Digital. It also incorporates GPI/O. Also very suitable for central controls and link dispatches, to increase or distribute the capacity of TDM-bus matrices.

  • Digital audio routing systems BC-2000D and TITAN, with a capacity of up to 5.120 independent channels.
  • NEW VoIP, Talk-show and multi-conference system AEQ SYSTEL-IP 4 and 12. Systel IP is built around a digital router and uses lines from IP telephony systems. All the lines (4 or 12 depending on model) can intervene live and simultaneously without loss of quality. Further, the call-in-queue is controlled with the multiplex functions for the comfort of all users. Multiple units can be interconnected to form a larger system with distributed management, allowing for the flexible and dynamic configuration, assigning communication resources where they are required.


As a novelty, this year AEQ is also displaying the complete product range of KROMA Telecom on its booth. KROMA Telecom is AEQs project partner for the ConeXia Intercom systems and is also a specialist in Broadcast Monitoring Systems.

As usual, AEQ will deploy a remarkable team of technical and commercial professionals that will attend the visitors to the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, NV between April 7 through 10, 2014. AEQ is located at C3027.


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