The Spanish municipal radio station of Grannollers in Catalonia was born in 1981. It was knows as Radio G but transitioned in 1990 into the group of stations “Radio 7 Vallés. Since 2010 the station is transmitting on 107.6MHz of the FM band as Radio Granollers. The main program of the station is “Granollers Hoy” (Granollers Today), a program for the general public and on-air Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 1 PM. The program is interactive and with a predominantly local content covering the majority of news pertaining to all areas of the municipality and its neighbours; culture, music, sports, politics and current affairs, etc… The station produces its programs thanks to a great team of professionals lead by Elisenda Cuquet, Paco Agudo, Carles Gil, Ernest Arén, Laia Coll y Josep Maria Codina.

Radio Granollers decided to go integrally for AEQ equipment and technology for its latest technical renovation. The heart of the main studio is an AEQ FORUM 12 Fader digital broadcast console and the communications are relying on AEQ Phoenix VENUS IP AudioCodecs and also a few AEQ EAGLE for their still existing ISDN lines. The Automation system of preference was the AEQ AudioPLUS and consists in an integrated solution for both the Play-out and the Newsroom with dedicated workstations for the Journalists.

With the AEQ AudioPLUS it is possible to acquire a real automation system and with features that were only accessible through the large and highly customized systems and that until now have been exclusive to the important budgets. The AEQ AudioPLUS is the perfect example of professional automation at more than reasonable price and accessible to small and medium sized stations.

AEQ AudioPLUS is offering us new features and performance that is perfectly adapted to our real needs, technical skills and Budget. The suite of SW modules includes both manual and automatic play-out modes as well as remote play-out. The automatic content scheduling of music and advertising as well as the content generation and editing are also standard features of the AudioPLUS suite.

The AudioPLUS applications have been designed and developed for Windows OS and SQL Server databases. It also features a very easy to use self-installation Wizard that significantly simplifies the installation and set-up of the System. The Automation system comes with tools for both editing and Management and is also compatible with low cost audio cards which is important when you are on a stringent budget.

At Radio Granollers we are more than happy with the result that betting on Technology from AEQ has provided, and specially in regards to the AEQ AudioPLUS Broadcast automation system.

Luis Ruiz

Chief Technical Officer

Radio Granollers

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