AEQ's technology landed in Iraq 6 years ago, and during this time the volume of projects and business has suffered a spectacular increase, becoming today one of most important markets inside AEQ's commercial division for Middle East in spite of all the bureaucratic and political inherent problems in this extremely complex scene.

Obviously first projects in the country were based on analogical material due its very easy operation, installation and maintenance, but quickly the new digital technology that AEQ was introducing on the market became popular in Iraq. So in the last weeks AEQ has equipped two important radio stations in the country: Radio Baban and Al Media Radio, in both cases over AEQ FORUM digital compact consoles, and also few voice booths or small studios over the new ultracompact AEQ CAPITOL model.

AEQ FORUM is a mixer designed for broadcast On-Air control. It incorporates all the features required in such environment: automatic monitor mute, remote mute, fader-start, signalling, control signals for external equipment automation, management of external communications, intercom, etc… With a modular design and small footprint it fits perfectly in different scenarios: self-control, control-studio, production controls for television, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large systems, etc.. Simplicity and control power are combined in the AEQ FORUM to cover both the basic and advanced operational requirements, starting with a control surface of 4 faders, it can be easily extended to 8 and 12 independent channels for FORUM configuration or even 16-20 faders in GRAND FORUM model.

In the other hand, AEQ CAPITOL console makes digital technology available to radio and TV stations where converting into digital has still not been feasible. AEQ CAPITOL was conceived taking into account customers needs for a versatile, powerful, easy to use and not less importantly, very cost efficient digital mixer and with the cost of ownership at a minimum. Based upon the same technology as the AEQ ARENA and FORUM digital mixing consoles that are currently in service at thousands of studios of both medium and high level, AEQ CAPITOL offers the same performance as the FORUM but in a “fixed” format; perfectly adapted to the real needs of the majority of stations but with a limited number of options.

 All the projects over AEQ technology in Iraq have been integrated and started-up by the excellent technical team of MECAST (AEQ local partner), in coordination with AEQ's technical departments in Madrid-Spain and Miami-USA

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