AEQ has received the award for "Innovative Company 2020" in the 8th edition of the FEI Awards 25/11/2020

AEQ has received the award for



Last Thursday, 19th November 2020, at the eighth edition of the FEI (Innovative Companies Forum) awards, inaugurated by the General Secretary for Professional Training, Clara Sanz López and the President of the FEI, Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, AEQ was awarded for the "Innovative Company 2020" recognition.  At the same event, the organization also thanked the following professionals and organizations for their work in innovation: UCM professor María Vallet-Regí; the Madrid Science Business Park and the Covid-19 UCM Laboratory. 

With 100% Spanish development and manufacturing, AEQ creates innovative equipment and services for thousands of radio and television stations worldwide. This year, the AEQ family is celebrating its 40th anniversary, while continuing to incorporate technologies and innovate in order to meet the evolving needs of its customers with professional audio, intercom and video equipment.

As Mª José Herrero Villa, president of the jury, and Head of Services for Business Innovation at the University Carlos III of Madrid, pointed that the merits of the broadcast manufacturer have been: "being a company that has based its activity on research and technological innovation since its origins and also being a company that contributes to building and spreading the Spain brand internationally".

Iván Olmeda, CEO of AEQ, collected the award last Thursday, explaining "that innovation is the only possible way to progress and build a much more competitive society and economy at a professional level. Innovating is an attitude, not a process. As its definition and synonyms say, to innovate is to want to do things better. It is wanting to be better professionals every day".



Iván Olmeda, said that "innovation is not only a task of the R&D&I departments, but a function of all the components of companies and society. Furthermore, training must be linked to innovation so that it can be implemented. In this sense, the continuous training of all workers and the technical dissemination and disinterested training to our sector are indispensable complements. We are also involved in the generational replacement of the innovation force, always maintaining internship agreements with universities and professional training centres".

Possible keys to AEQ's success

The constant closeness to the customer, knowing their needs and how we can solve them technologically. The continuous updating of technology, as well as the support of public entities such as the CDti, which always helps innovation.

On the other hand, the global vision of the market thanks to the international presence and the collaboration with international organizations in the development of standards used in our sector is another point in favour of constant technological innovation.  

This continuous commitment to innovation is reflected in the developments that will come any time soon, developments based on remote production, providing tools for production in the several working environments, which the pandemic has brought, in the broadcast sector. 

Information on the other winners

The Madrid Science Park, with 90 innovative companies in the sectors of Life Sciences and Chemistry, Information and Communication Technologies, Engineering and New Materials, Renewable Energies and the Environment, has been awarded in the category "Innovation Support Organization/Institution 2020". Its Managing Director, Dr. Pilar Gil, said that this recognition highlights the role of the Madrid Science Business Park as a key player in transferring and promoting entrepreneurial projects from research centers to society.


María Vallet-Regí, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Complutense University of Madrid and Director of the GIBI group (Intelligent Biomaterials Research Group GIBI-CIBER-BBN) has been recognised in the category "Innovative Researcher 2020". The most representative achievement of María Vallet-Regí has been designing the possibility of loading drugs in mesoporous silicon materials, so that they can have a controlled release. This new application in biomedicine has been followed by scientists from all over the world and could be an extraordinary advance in the treatment of cancer as an alternative to chemotherapy. Maria and her team are also working on solving problems of bone diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and infection, always within nanotechnology.

This year's edition included an extraordinary category for the "Consortium/Network against COVID-19 2020" which was awarded to the Covid-19 UCM Laboratory. Made up of 6 SARS-CoV-2 analysis laboratories, technical and research staff have been working there since 25 March, analysing samples from a total of 85 residential centers in over 29 towns and cities in Madrid, making appropriate diagnoses of both the residents and the staff attending them.

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