The Council of Madrid and AEQ, as a company from the same region, have been keeping very good relationships for many years. They have, in many occasions, yield common projects where AEQ Spanish technology has equipped the different public radio creation spaces that the city has got.

Following the strong compromise with the new corporate public means, an ambitious project has been developed inside the installations of the Council of Madrid in the Palace of Cibeles. It has been created, from scratch, a comprehensive workplace to host the central studios of the new municipal radio station, M21: This radio channel is reborn in 2016 after some time dedicated mainly to educational purposes.

Without loosing this educational character, but connecting to its cultural and information broadcasting task, that is associated to the city’s reality, M21 is allocated in the 88.6 FM dial. Thanks to its varied programming, long live-broadcasting time, magazines, talk-shows, etc, M21 expects to become a cultural reference among the wide range of options available today in the radio waves of Madrid.

AEQ, as the technical equipment provider for this project, designed its solution having in mind the so much varied scenarios the Radio M21 management considered adequate for each time of the day. This way, live programs will be carried out from these new Radio M21 installations in Cibeles, plenary sessions from the Municipal Government Assembly Rooms will be broadcasted; contributions from external collaborators will be received using telephone or IP links, etc.

Using already-existing network infrastructure, a comprehensive DANTE multichannel audio over IP network has been deployed thanks to the AEQ NETBOX interfaces installed. This allows the broadcast-quality connection between the numerous remote rooms where acts take place -such as the Plenary or Press rooms- and the radio studios. 

The installation is deployed around the powerful AEQ ARENA digital mixing console, which, with 25 control faders, offers enough inputs for all these operation alternatives. As a complement, a second AEQ CAPITOL IP console is provided, with 8 faders for coordination and organization tasks. A complete AEQ SYSTEL IP phone-in system manages all the external contributions. Last, we want to highlight that the digitized contents storing, edition and playout system will be carried out from the AEQ AudioPLUS automation platform, comprising up to 5 broadcast workplaces, and the same quantity at the newsroom offices.

AEQ has provided the whole technical equipment for this project, of course including microphones, headphones, clocks, CF players, as well as all the cabling and technical furniture for this M21 central venue, and the installation, configuration, start up and operators and technicians’ training labor.

The complete project has been leaded by the station’s Chief Coordinator, Mr. Jacobo Rivero and its Technical Director, Jorge Alvarez, in direct communication with AEQ central technical services in Madrid, in charge of the project execution.

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