AEQ S.A. announces merger by absorption with KROMA Telecom, S.A. 04/04/2014

AEQ S.A. announces merger by absorption with KROMA Telecom, S.A.

Privately owned company AEQ, S.A. has reached an agreement to acquire KROMA Telecom S.A. The deal also includes acquisition of the rights to the brand name. The manufacturing and technical installations will move to AEQ’s Headquarters together with the majority of KROMA’s personnel. Through this merger, the continuity of the only Spanish manufacturer of TFT monitors and Intercom Systems for broadcast applications is assured. With this acquisition, AEQ S.A. adds the following two product lines to its portfolio:

- Broadcast Video Monitors (TFT) in sizes from 4” to 46”, different series for different settings; QS - QuadSplit, HD monitors, 3G etc.

- Digital Intercom Systems, starting at 16x16 cross-points up to systems with over 1000 x 1000 ports, offering a full range of intercom panels for these systems. Hybrid systems, wired and wireless belt-packs and Wi-Fi base stations complete the product range.

Furthermore, AEQ’s reseller network will be reinforced with KROMA’s dealers and distributors and its office in Mexico.

About KROMA Telecom S.A.

KROMA Telecom, S.A. is a privately held company founded in 1996 under Spanish laws, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of a wide range of TFT monitors as well as Intercom systems for broadcast applications. The company is currently serving customers in more than 50 countries and around 70% of its turnover is based upon export sales.  KROMA is synonymous of reliability, operational excellence, and rock-solid customer service adopting the highest standards for quality.

About AEQ. S.A.

AEQ S.A. is an audio and Radio & TV communications company. During the last 35 years, AEQ has been at the forefront of the development of communications equipment, broadcast automation systems, broadcast audio mixers, routing systems and other solutions for radio and television. AEQ also offers turnkey engineering and installation projects, and is involved in the generation and transmission of audio signals for all the TV and radio broadcasters allover the world during large sports events. AEQ has worldwide presence through a network of distributors that are providing local support to its end-users. AEQ holds offices in USA, Portugal and Spain. 

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