EPEL Cugat.cat renews its radio studios using AEQ IP technology 28/11/2018

EPEL Cugat.cat renews its radio studios using AEQ IP technology

The history of Cugat.cat goes back to 1982, when Radio Sant Cugat broadcasting started. Taking advantage of the background acquired in this station, the public local audio-visual service was born, with their 91.5 FM radio station, the online TV channel Cugat TV and the electronic newspaper www.cugat.cat. They quickly became a reference on the market for proximity communications in Catalonia.

Mónica Lablanca, the company’s CEO, together with the technical team of the radio, identified the need for a technological change to digital in order to meet the latest technical requirement in a better way and to exponentially increase the station’s operational flexibility. 

Within the frame of the aspiration to renovate, EPEL Cugat.cat decided to replace two analog audio mixing consoles in their studios with the state-of-the-art digital console, FORUM IP SPLIT from AEQ. These consoles are the latest generation of AEQ mixing systems, featuring AoIP DANTE/AES67 Multichannel audio connectivity. Simplicity and control power are combined in these consoles, covering everything from the basic, to the most complex operational needs. Its modular design (from 4 to 24 faders) is easily adaptable to many different scenarios of operation: self-control, control-studio, TV or sound production studios, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.

Further, and in order to achieve a better integration with the station’s existing infrastructure, several AEQ NETBOX 32 and NETBOX 4 MH AoIP interfaces have been installed, both in the main control and the studio. 

This range of NETBOX interfaces allows for the conversion of any analog or digital source in our system to the DanteTM/AES67 AoIP network, making it fully compatible with already existing equipment or third-party devices.


AEQ NETBOX 32 AD has 32 inputs and 32 outputs, distributed in 16 analog mono channels plus 8 stereo digital ones. Due to its large input / output capability, it is particularly suitable for central controls and link rooms, or to expand or de-centralize audio matrixes. 

AEQ NETBOX 4MH is ideal for small and medium installations due to its reduced size. It provides 4 high-quality microphone inputs and headphone outputs.

The complete installation process has been leaded by the technician Marius Caral in collaboration with the technical services at AEQ headquarters and the support from the Sales Area Manager, Nacho Olivella.

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