Great success for Claro Sports in Rio Olympics 16/11/2016

Great success for Claro Sports in Rio Olympics

Claro Sports had a very successful operation of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. With an audience in 17 countries and a potential market of 400 million people and 380 million smartphones in Latin America, Claro Sports deployed in Rio to produce its unilateral coverage based off OBS’ multilateral production. The signals of the finished product were provided to all the different distribution platforms for the 17 countries where America Movil had obtained broadcasting rights.

Also, Claro Sports undertook to provide the commentary audio channels in Spanish language for OBS’ multilateral coverage services; Multi-Channel Distribution Service (MDS - encrypted satellite subscription service for Rights Holding Broadcasters) and Olympic Video Player (OVP - video player multi-platform allowing users to view video on demand and live through their mobile devices).
Claro Sports’ deployment included an AEQ ARENA / BC2000D audio routing and mixing system for signals originating at the venues where Claro Sports had booked fully equipped commentary positions as well as from 13 of the OBS off-tube cabins in the IBC. These latter were providing OBS’ OVP services with Spanish commentary. Claro Sports used a full bandwidth AEQ ConeXia intercom system with DANTETM AoIP multi-channel networking simultaneously and on the same BC2000D matrix platform and that assured a perfect coordination between Claro Sports’ talents at the commentary positions of the different venues and technical personnel both in Rio and Mexico. The IBC installations also counted on 10 Intercom user-panels Kroma TP8116 series from AEQ connected through a DANTETM multi-channel AoIP Network. Furhter, the ConeXia Intercom system was equipped with analogue 4-wire interfaces to connect a total of 42 intercom devices such as CCU's, Belt-packs and dedicated IFB’s.

Additionally, Claro Sports installed two Off –Tube booths within its premises at the IBC to meet additional demands for commentary without having to make use of bookable positions. Given the flexibility and versatility in combination with its input and output options for almost any situation, the Off-Tube booths were equipped with the portable AudioCodec AEQ Phoenix Alio as a commentary unit.


For control and mixing of the International Sound packages delivered by OBS in MADI format with the Spanish Language Commentary audio, Claro Sports used an AEQ ARENA digital console with 15 motorized faders and capability of up to 9 pages. A multi-channel DANTETMAoIP network was installed to link the mixing console with the main Audio Matrix and the ConeXia Intercom System, including the TP8116 User Panels installed in Continuity control and the two live TV sets of Claro Sports at the IBC and their studio in the Olympic Park.

Quality control was accomplished with an AEQ CAPITOL IP mixing console connected to the AoIP Network in combination with DANTETM Virtual soundcard application installed on computers for the discreet monitoring of any signal available on the AoIP multi-channel network.

The Rio Olympics could be seen through Claro Sports’ mobile application and was available for free in 17 countries. The transmissions were also available for users of Telefonica and AT&T as well as for users of open television, pay and video on demand for all Latin American countries in which Claro Sports had rights agreement. The company estimated coverage was 400 million people had over 3,000 hours of events available. The multi-platform of Claro Sports allowed the user to access the content through the company’s’ website, television channels, the smartphone App and Claro video."

Mr. Eduardo Garcia and Travesí, responsible for Claro Sports operations during the Rio 2016 Games: "Our team has worked countless hours to ensure our success and summarizing, we can only confirm that this has been a tremendous success. Apart from our effort, the success of our operation has depended heavily on AEQ and its technological solution. The solution offered by AEQ has been excellent for this operation. The magnitude of our operation made us chose the solution from AEQ since they have a more than ample and proven experience in large events of this type. The equipment has worked flawlessly and the support provided by AEQ in Rio has been exquisite and very professional."

Given the importance and size of the event, AEQ sent its engineer Raúl Moret to assist Claro Sports with the setting-up, testing and operations throughout the games.

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