RTE relies on AEQ for its commentary Audio from Rio Olympics. 07/10/2016

RTE relies on AEQ for its commentary Audio from Rio Olympics.

Irish public broadcaster RTE provided the coverage for the Rio Olympics and also provided the services of coverage for the Irish audience for the Paralympics.

The 16 channels of commentary audio that RTE was producing inRiothrough the fully equipped commentary positions from OBS at the different venues were channelled through the 8 AEQ Phoenix VENUS IP AudioCodecs that RTE had acquired for the occasion. Logically, four of the Codecs were located at RTE’s installations inDublinand the other four in the RTE’s Rio IBC facilities. The ControlPhoenix Management Software application allows RTE to have full control of the Codecs both in Rio andDublinand on the same computer, making operations very convenient and easy.

Each AEQ Phoenix VENUS is capable of establishing 4 simultaneous bi-directional mono channels to two different destinations so the 16 channels of commentary audio fitted snugly into the 4 Units at each end.

RTE’s Tom Nugent: “Operations has been very smooth. The reliability of the communication links is excellent and we have not had to go to any of our resilience systems using ISDN back-up for the duration of the games. The only concern that we had initially was the fact that the units do not have a physical control but relies 100% on a Software control. Nonetheless, it becomes clear to one after a while that the Software control is only adding flexibility to the system and we can have several computers connected to the same system for reasons of redundancy.”

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