Komsomolskaya Pravda broadcasts uses AEQ Phoenix Alio 21/06/2017

Komsomolskaya Pravda broadcasts uses AEQ Phoenix Alio

Victoria Lopyreva, TV presenter, model and blogger.   Russia 2018 World Cup Ambassator.

 The historic “The truth of Komsomol” radio station, founded during the first half of XX century, broadcasted the World Economic Forum, held in Saint Petersburg between 1st and 3rd June 2017, using AEQ Phoenix Alio portable IP audiocodec.

Phoenix Alio is designed for the broadcasting for this type of events, as well as sports reporting, etc. Its easy operation makes it ideal for several scenarios. ALIO has 4 microphone inputs, 2 line inputs and outputs and 2 stereo headphone outputs.

Its most important features are the integration of OPUS audio coding algorithm, offering top-quality connections, and its compatibility with most manufacturers using SIP communications protocol. Besides, Phoenix ALIO can be remotely controlled using ControlPhoenix software, allowing for the remote adjustment of every audio and routing parameter.

Junus-bek Bamatgírejevich Evkurov,  leader of Ingustesia Southern Russian republic 

Igor Baranov, Technical Manager at this radio station, told us that “AEQ Phoenix Alio worked without issues during the World Economic Forum recently held in Saint Petersburg. During the event, live broadcastings were produced from the Forum venue, counting with the participation of renowned economists, politicians and leaders of our country ".

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