NBC 29 WVIR-TV – Completes one year of Audio Production on their AEQ ARENA digital mixer system.

Charlottesville, VA

When NBC 29 WVIR-TV - Associate NBC network TV broadcasting station in Charlottesville, VA went shopping to replace their analogue continuity audio production mixer, they were not considering the AEQ ARENA as an alternative.

But having attended the AEQ Booth at the 2008 edition of the Virginia Equipment Expo show and having had the opportunity to visit the EiTB Radio and Television Centre in Bilbao, Spain, they were becoming more and more convinced that what they were looking for was available through the AEQ ARENA system.

Their analogue system had provided an excellent service for many years, so it was not an easy decision to move into digital with all what such move signified in terms of re-engineering and upgrading of peripheral systems.

Eventually their choice became clear and the initial routing system with a 30 x 30 I/O and 25 motorized fader mixer and up to 9 pages of snapshots was installed at the station. Initially the console was following their existing analogue system but bit by bit and in different phases the new digital ARENA board was migrated into a fully digital solution that finalised with the disconnection of the analogue system.

Bob Jenkins says; “The move forward with the AEQ ARENA is immense. The leap forward in ergonomics and increase in speed of operation is magnificent and at the same time the risk of error is reduced significantly. We now know exactly were we have everything at any given time. Our analogue system has provided great service for a number of years but this is a great improvement that also allows us to have a nearly endless possibility to expand.”

Project engineering and specifications were put in place by David Whitehead who also undertook the installation with the help of AEQ engineer, Gabriel Casco from AEQ Broadcast International in Miami.



About NBC 29: WVIR-TV is the NBC-affiliated television station for Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, Virginia. It broadcasts in digital high definition. The station can also be seen on Comcast channel 4 and in high definition channel 211. The station can also be seen on Ch804 and Dish Network and is also a CW Network affiliate. NBC 29 WVIR-TV produces 5 1/2 hours of live news coverage per day.

Syndicated programming on the station includes: Wheel of Fortune, Live! with Kelly and Michael, Jeopardy! and Dr. Phil.

The station also serves as one of four default NBC affiliates for the Harrisonburg/Staunton market since that market doesn't have an NBC affiliate of its own. The Station is owned by the Waterman Broadcasting Corporation.

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