Radio “El Día” – Spain decided to continue trusting AEQ with its latest Project of digital renovation. AEQ product are offering a durability and reliability that makes it easy to take decisions like this. On this occasion we decided to go with AEQ again for our new Audio Automation Software. After 14 years of continuous service and an experience of fantastic support from AEQ for its predecessor Mar4Win, it was easy to take the decision to go for their latest suite of applications, AEQ AudioPLUS.

The broadcasting of Radio “El Día” consists in 13 hours of live, local programming with the coverage of the Spanish Island of Tenerife – Canary Islands. We are continuously seeking to improve and update our installations that currently are consisting in main Studio with Control, two self-controlled studios and a recording cabin..

Our primary need is to maintain a high pace and elevated work-load that needs to be efficient and at the same time as we need to keep errors at a minimum throughout all the hours of live transmission. Having had a great experience for many years and with AEQ’s predecessor, Mar4Win, we felt very confident with our choice of AEQ AudioPLUS. The application adapts perfectly to our needs in regards to scheduling that includes newscasts, magazine and talk-show, sport coverage and other outside broadcasts, recorded programs and music playlists..

With the AEQ AudioPLUS it is possible to acquire a real automation system and with features that were only accessible through the large and highly customized systems and that until now have been exclusive to the important budgets. The AEQ AudioPLUS is the perfect example of professional automation at more than reasonable price and accessible to small and medium sized stations. Parting from the experience from thousands of workstations Mar4Win installed at medium and large broadcast stations and Networks with several hundreds of stations. AEQ has developed a product that is perfectly suited for the majority of small and medium sized broadcast operations, Local, municipal, low power, in networks or not.

AEQ AudioPLUS offers tools for the manual and automatic play-out, remote controlled play-out and automatic content scheduling of both music and advertising. Also, content generation and editing are also standard features of the AudioPLUS suite. Further, the AudioPLUS application have been designed and developed for Windows OS and SQL Server databases and features a very easy to use self-installation Wizard that significantly simplifies the installation and set-up of the System. The Automation system comes with tools for both editing and management and is also compatible with low cost audio cards which is important when you are on a stringent budget.

The profile and spread of age of the audience (an average of 37000 daily) of Radio El Día requires us to focus on a very broad offering in terms of programming. This obliges us to keep an equally wide-spread range of audio resources readily available. The AEQ AudioPLUS allows us to work quickly, precisely and safely which is paramount in any radio broadcast operation. The system allows us to link the System’s available tools for recording, editing and to automate programs without the need for a technician to be present.

To resume, our decision to go with AEQ and AudioPLUS has provided us with the necessary tools to be able to ensure quality and performance in our operations, allowing us to focus on our offer to the audience.

Magdalena Yanes

Head of the Technical department

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