Radio Montornés acquires AEQ LIVE 10 transmission system 14/03/2016

Radio Montornés acquires AEQ LIVE 10 transmission system



Since 1984, Radio Montornés is holding a license for 91.2 FM in the Catalonian radio spectrum. During these years of Catalonian radio history, first from their studios in the street of Sant Luis and then, following their move three years later to Can Xerracan, Radio Montornés has been serving its listeners with local, regional and sports information. The station also provides the listeners with the opportunity to contribute directly in the making of their programs. Participation is the most important ingredient of the stations program formula.

Now, Radio Montornés have decided to take their production a step further by moving it into the streets of the municipality. For this purpose they have equipped their production team with the powerful wireless microphone system AEQ LIVE 10.


The compact LIVE 10 T System provides the mobility and agility to cover any event occurring in your area. Another factor to highlight is the easy handling of the system, allowing the reporter to focus 100% on the news to cover rather than having to struggle with technology.

The radio has also acquired the receiver ARROW 50 for its main studios thus guaranteeing an excellent reception.

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