Roberto Tejero, new product manager of AEQ. 11/05/2017

Roberto Tejero,  new product manager of AEQ.

Roberto Tejero, Telecommunications Engineering, occupies the position of Product Manager for AEQ, the spanish manufacturer of broadcast equipment.

He became a part of the Team of AEQ as KROMA merged into the Company.

He has great knowledge of both products and their applications due to the fact that he spent 11 years programming microprocessors, configuring and testing systems at KROMA’s R&D department. Since he moved to AEQ, he has been working on integrating the KROMA products into AEQ manufacturing system, training us on their technical details.

In recognition to this experience, he has just been promoted to Product Manager for both AEQ and KROMA by AEQ brands. Roberto is now very much dedicated to provide support to AEQ’s Sales department, assisting with the assessment of customers needs and the definition and verification of new products, tests, demonstrations, system configuration and assistance during system start-up and training.

Roberto can be located in AEQs’ sales department and will usually assist you both remotely and traveling to the facilities. If you are an AEQ, or KROMA by AEQ user, you can contact him through the mail his e-mail or by phone at +34916861300

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