KROMA by AEQ broadcast monitors at TVE studios in Torrespaña and in Las Palmas 06/06/2017

KROMA by AEQ broadcast monitors at TVE studios in Torrespaña and in Las Palmas

Series-7000 9” and 17” sized monitors are used in Torrespaña and 17” / 24” in Las Palmas


Spanish Radio Television Corporation has selected AEQ-KROMA once more, due to the quality and reliability of its products, to be the provider of the series-7000 Broadcast LCD/TFT Monitors for two of its most recent projects:  

Studio 2 at Las Palmas de Gran Canarias production center has been updated to HD, and broadcast-quality Full HD monitors, in both 17” and 24” sizes, have been installed. 

A-2 and A-3 Studios in Torrespaña have been also upgraded to produce high-definition news programs. According to the demanding technical requirements of this installation, 9” and 17” monitors have been provided together with their table-top accessories and rack mounting kits.

All of these monitors support different video signals, both composite and HD/3G-SDI. They feature signal identification and calibration functions, correlation meter, phase indicator and headphone output, as well as In-Monitor display (IMD), on-screen Tally, luminance & vectorscope waveforms display and dual-split mode with independent luminance & vectorscope waveforms for each window, not to mention other useful functions.

These Broadcast monitors offer excellent image quality, color fidelity and the widest viewing angle, allowing for optimal display of the video signal in a wide range of operation environments. Besides their impressive technical performance, they also have a long life, above 50,000 hours.


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