The theatre Nowy W Zabrzu relies on AEQ Intercom system installed by polish integrator Tommex 05/05/2021

The theatre Nowy W Zabrzu relies on AEQ Intercom system installed by polish integrator Tommex

Once again, the intercom system AEQ CROSSNET proves its reliability for Stage Direction in complex systems like big theatres


Teatr Nowy W Zabrzu, a historic institution founded in 1959, is part of the Zabrze municipality in Poland. This theatre carries out a great cultural and educational work for the last 60 years. In view of the need to close due to the pandemic, it has been subjected to a deep renovation. In this way, the technical facilities have been upgraded. All type of performances or events now need to comply with strict security anti-covid measures. From a technical point of view, the new sound system and the stage direction system, are now closely related. 



One of the most important new features in the main hall is the highest sound quality, due to a new ultra-compact loudspeaker system delivered with array or line source grouping. The system allows a wide range of control of the sound diffusion area, both on the horizontal and vertical axis.

The stage manager's system

The other major technical innovation in the theatre is a new stage direction system based on AEQ solutions. The heart of the system is the intercom matrix AEQ CROSSNET 72, which is responsible for the audio signal distribution between the rack-mounted TP8116 and desktop user panels TP8416, as well as the Wi-Fi based wireless beltpacks AEQ XPLORER.

 width=It also interfaces with the room sound system matrix, and a live audio desk, since the audio from the intercom matrix and IP panels is of the highest quality for broadcasting in the room, and can be used not only for audience paging, but also to broadcast, for example, narration or voice over.

Audio signal distribution between the AEQ Crossnet, the audio matrix and the intercom user panels using Dante IP audio protocol. The wireless panels communicate with the system via VoIP protocol. The Yamaha matrix is responsible in the system for the distribution of messages from the stage manager's system, the stage action microphones and an RCF automatic message player for automatic announcements to the stage and backstage and dressing rooms.

An Audio Input/Output Terminal has been added to the Dante network model AEQ Netbox 4 MH, with mic/line inputs and headphone line outputs. This terminal allows audio to be sent and received from the IP network, and to be managed through the intercom matrix or the room sound system. In this way, it is possible to record for the press, listen to the stage sound, or add some voice or music into the system from a workstation outside the show control desk.

All the audiopaths are managed by the intercom system panels. By pressing the proper key, the stage manager can communicate with other workers o users, activate the buzzer, turn on the “SILENCE” signs, send a manual or automatic message to the hall or activate the stage action listening system. Working comfort is ensured by the integrated displays in the panels and illuminated keys in several colours. All devices are connected via dedicated LAN network.

This workflow has been designed based on the great flexibility of AEQ's intercom systems. Originally developed with television production in mind, they have a great capacity for more scenarios like stage productions, OB Vans or Live Shows. Dozens of commands with different types can be programmed on each key of each intercom user panel to carry out several tasks.

The Nowy Theatre spokesperson said: "We are very pleased that the Teatr Nowy W Zabrzu is equipped with modern sound and stage systems. We hope that the audience attending organised performances and other cultural events will be able to enjoy sound of the highest quality and clarity".

AEQ's Sales Manager for the country, Mr Sergey Alekseev confirms: "within the company we are very proud to have participated in this important project, to have been able to integrate our intercom systems with the Yamaha matrix and sound reinforcement equipment into a final flexible and efficient IP theatre system".

The entire project, including installation, configuration, commissioning and training has been led by the technical team of Tommex, local distributor of AEQ in collaboration with the central technical services of AEQ in Madrid, who worked remotely during the pandemic to complete the execution of the project. The SMT company in Katowice was responsible for the commissioning of the systems.


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