Toboggan Services has placed a bet on the high broadcast quality provided by the equipment from Spanish manufacturer AEQ in order to equip the new Master Control room of Non Stop production studios, based in Fuente el Saz.

AEQ has provided 14 Series-8000 LM8018 full-HD broadcast monitors in 18.5” size, featuring 10-bit video processing across the full signal processing chain. These new monitors from KROMA by AEQ offer improved image scaling, interlacing, color depth and monitor linearity, featuring optional sockets for SFP modules, enabling SMPTE2022-compliant signal input for video over IP and other kinds of inputs offered by this kind of modules. These monitors are very well suited for checking and measuring video signals in this production studio.

Also, three 17” Trueblack-series monitors have been provided, with LCD screen and IPS-Pro technology, offering improved black level, better color uniformity and better display from extreme viewing angles. It is ideally suited as a reference, high performance monitor for camera control.

All the supplied monitors support different video signals: composite, HD/3G-SDI for better signal processing, offering a variety of functions allowing for signal identification and calibration, as well as precision vu-meters, headphone output, In-Monitor display (IMD), on-screen tally, waveform and vector-scope display, DUALSPIT with luminance waveform, correlation measurement, phase indicator and other additional features.

These Broadcast monitors provide extremely high image quality, contrast, color reproduction and an unbeatable viewing angle, easing the correct monitoring of different video signals.

Besides their great technical performance, these monitors also have a long life, above 50.000 hours. 


An intercom system from the same brand has also been installed in the new Master Control Room as a complete solution for the current operation, while ensuring that future expansion is possible. This system is composed by a CROSSNET 72 matrix with only 1U height but still offers 32 Dante, 8 digital AES, 12 broadcast-quality 4-wire analog balanced and 20 IP compressed audio ports.  It allows for great operation and configuration flexibility in what relates to audio signal management.

The current CROSSNET 72 matrix functionality has been integrated with 13 TP8116 rack-mount panels and a TP8416 desktop one. Also, three CE6000 concentrator units have been installed to enable integration of the different 4-wire signals from the CCU’s, offering audio summing. 4 wired BP3004 IP belt packs have been also added to the system.

The system can be scaled to up to 168 ports, enabling for the integration of complete solutions such as AEQ Olympia 3 commentary unit, Phoenix Venus 3 Dante audiocodecs, AEQ Netbox 8 and 32 Dante interfaces, as well as any third-party device offering Dante AoIP connectivity. An unbeatable solution to be had in mind for this Intercom system.

“We are very happy with the support received from Guadalupe López, technical-sales responsible at AEQ, who supported us in all what we needed during the development of this project”, Lucas Gómez (Technical Manager at Toboggan Services) highlights.

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