Videoreport Canarias covered the Spanish General elections with SYSTEL IP 18/07/2016

Videoreport Canarias covered the Spanish General elections with SYSTEL IP

VIDEOREPORT CANARIAS is the company responsible for the production and transmission of the news content for the Public Television Broadcaster in the Canary Islands. The responsibility includes all the services and human resources for production and transmission. In order to provide a comprehensive coverage for the Public Broadcaster on the Canary Islands of the past Spanish General elections on June 26, VIDEOREPORT CANARIAS completed a great technical operation throughout the whole Canary archipelago.

Strategically located DSNG units provided the viewers with live information from polling stations, the different local headquarters of the political parties and other points of interest, on both of the main Islands and all of the smaller ones of the Canary archipelago. The live coverage also involved live connections with public databases in Madrid as well as the peninsular headquarters of the Spanish political parties and the Regional Government of the Canary Islands.

For this important news coverage, VIDEOREPORT CANARIAS relied in much on the innovative multi-channel communication and talk-show system, SYSTEL IP 12 from AEQ and through which all the internal and external voice communications and N-1 audio returns were managed.

Thanks to the collaboration between the technical and engineering department of VIDEOREPORT and AEQ-Kroma, the SYSTEL IP 12 that was designed as a TALK SHOW system for IP based telephony (VoIP) was successfully integrated with a “KROMA by AEQ” intercom matrix. This integration made it possible to establish communications between the different control positions and the external units.

For this particular coverage, VIDEOREPORT relied on two Units of SYSTEL IP 12, two AEQ Phoenix VENUS IP audiocodecs and two portable IP audiocodecs, AEQ Phoenix ALIO. The equipment allowed interconnecting all the DSNG's at the different locations of polling stations and headquarters of the political parties and the Central Broadcast Control from where the different news teams, programs and interventions were coordinated.

"To make all this possible, we deployed the Phoenix VENUS in one of our DSNG’s and the Phoenix ALIO’s were used together with our gear at the different election headquarters. This became instrumental when coordinating our Cameras and providing the N-1 for our Editors during the 5 hours of special coverage on June 26” says Jose Saigí Domínguez, Technical Manager of VIDEOREPORT CANARIAS.

According to Jose Saigí, "the experience has been very satisfactory. Since SYSTEL IP (12) allowed us total connectivity and a perfect integration between all the equipment deployed and our intercom system. Thanks to its interface, SYSTEL IP 12 provided us with a simple and intuitive way to establish the communications and giving us a clear and highly visual control for our connections at the same time".

Finally, he emphasized that with the use of this technology, important cost savings are obtained since it avoids having to rely on synchronous telecommunication infrastructures such as ISDN or E1/T1 specifically hired for news coverage of this kind.

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