AEQ AudioPlus system brings AEQ broadcast automation systems to stations where quality in automation hadn't been possible.

AEQ AudioPlus is based upon the long experience in automation applications with MarSystem, Mar4Win and MAr4Suite Pro Systems installed in thousands of mid to high level studios all over the world.

The AEQ AudioPlus takes into account the requests from our customers that have been asking for a product to equip their radio studios, while offering new features adapted to real needs, but still meeting the budgets and technical infrastructures of most stations.

Audio and text files of pre-defined types (jingles, commercial, promo, music and special) or user-created can be  classified inside content managers, individually sorted into folders and subfolders or grouped into lists in order to be played-out sequentially or as demanded by play-out moduless (up to 4 independent modules per computer). Each file type is identified by a different color in the play-out module, that allows access to operating and instant recording controls, and also to real-time content edition and play-out modifiers by means of different controls

AEQ AudioPLUS incorporates the required tools to automatically schedule music, advertisement and even future news, at once for several weeks, by creating emission templates and filling them instantaneously and automatically or alternatively as the contents are made available. This automatic scheduling can be revised and changed at any time. Each play-out list created by the system to cover a time window is shown to the operator together with its play-out schedule and the time allocated for each audio so it can be revised and edited as necessary.


The agility and dynamism of the automatic play-out depends on a correct transition between de different elements, especially music ones, in order to get a flexible and customized presentation of the themes to be played. To achieve this, the mixing editor is accessed from the automatic lists editor and play-out modules. This module allows the adjustment of transitions between the scheduled themes, selection and instant recording of their presentation, insertion of real-time talk-overs, cross-fades, and pre-listening of all the transitions in real time.

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