Application download

Application download

Welcome to the AEQ AudioPlus download area

You are about to discover a world of possibilities in broadcast automation!

Before downloading the application, we recommend you to download the AudioPlus quick start guide. This document contains information with regards to the minimum hardware and software requirements for the installation of the AEQ AudioPlus SW. It is very important that your computer and its software complies with these requirements.

Here below you will find the ftp access for the AudioPlus SW. This installation package requires your attention during the installation on your computer and as already pointed out it is important that you have downloaded and read the Quick Start Guide that will guide you throughout he installation process.

ftp address:
username: demos
password: aeq2013


If you have read the Quick start guide you can proceed with the download. Once finished proceed as per the instructions in this guide.

Initially you will be granted a 3 Months trial period that will start counting from the moment you activate the product after installation.

Please contact us, by e-mail for the activation code. This entitles you to the minimum service that may be required. You should be aware of that any AudioPlus License that is limited for a period of time has also a limited support:

  • Distributor or dealer has  a total of one hour by Skype or Teamviewer + e-mails.
  • End user is entitled to a maximum of 4 e-mail replies.

Share your thoughts and opinion with us

Your feed back is very important to us. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any question or doubt that may arise from using this fine software from AEQ. Please send us an e-mail to with the message subject line “My views on AEQ AudioPlus”

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