BC-2000D multiplexer

BC-2000D multiplexer

AEQ’s BC-2000-D Multiplexer (MPX) is part of the BC-2000 D router digital audio platform. The MPX is the second generation MPX system that replaces the Ranger - in use since 2000 at world-wide sporting events such as the Sydney Olympic Games, to transmit commentator audio and perform coordination between individual venues and the Commentary Switching Center.

The MPX is designed to route, mix, process, and distribute digital and/or analog, mono and/or stereo, audio channels via data links such as E1/T1/J1 or Ethernet. Other applications include studio to transmitter links (STL), as well as network transmission of audio for radio and television systems having discrete broadcast and production centers.

Audio channels can be linear, or compressed (encoded / decoded at various quality levels) to optimize the data link. Data link capacity not occupied by audio can be used to transport data. The MPX not only moves audio between stations, but also routes it to the required destination at each station. The MADI and E1/T1/J1 modules offer complete flexibility. They handle input / output, input only, output only, mic and line level analog audio, AES/EBU and SPDIF digital formats, as well as AES-10 MADI multi-channel digital audio. They also provide optical I/O to facilitate connection with the most frequently used equipment and systems.

The system can also be configured, controlled, and monitored with one or more computers. This allows you to establish monitoring or intercom circuits, and use the microphone and speakers at each computer for audio over IP.

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