TITAN high speed digital audio router

TITAN high speed digital audio router

The TITAN router / concentrator is a high capacity (5120 x 5120 audio channels) digital audio router / Concentrator equipped with five, bi-directional optical fiber ports. By using a non-blocking architecture, each port is capable of connecting up to 1024 channels. As with the rest of the BC 2000 D, the control system is based on a TCP/IP architecture, with two controller boards working in a cluster mode, giving the control interface access via a single virtual IP.

Audio connections are made within the BC 2000 D system by means of five, bi-directional optical fiber ports, which are directly compatible with the internal BC 2213 board. By using this design, the 1024 x 1024 audio channel sub-routers can be connected to create a higher audio channel concentration (up to 5120 X 5120), while still maintaining the non-blocking characteristics.

The BC 2000 D Router / Concentrator - TITAN is designed to act as the audio switching "core" in critical systems. System maintenance can be done in a timely and efficient manner without removing the equipment from the rack. All elements of the concentrator are hot-swappable. The hinged front panel is removable. This allows access to the two redundant, switching power supplies.

The power supplies have independent line AC connectors so they can be fed from two distinct electrical power distribution sources. The ventilation fans are accessed from the front panel, while the two controlling modules and audio switching core modules are accessed from the back panel.

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