BC2000 D - routing matrix

BC2000 D - routing matrix

AEQ’s BC-2000-D Router fully satisfies analog and digital audio routing and distribution requirements in both radio and television program production centers, as well as other applications.

Using TDM technology, the BC-2000-D sums, distributes, and processes literally thousands of audio inputs and outputs. The use of fiber optic links to interconnect sub-units makes the BC 2000 D Router a versatile, decentralized system. One sub-unit may have more than 150 inputs / outputs, and can be located a distance of up to ~ 6 miles ( 10 Km ) from the other units in the system.

Digital and analog inputs/outputs, and even microphone inputs, can easily be combined – meeting existing and/or future requirements. Additionally, AEQ’s BC 2000 D Router has exceptional signal processing capabilities.

Control of the system may be from a central location, as well as from different workstations allowing users, administrators, and supervisors access to the applications and even dedicated XY control panels.

AEQ’s new TITAN Matrix Concentrator allows the system to accommodate up to 5120 X 5120 audio channels. Audio connectivity is accomplished via 5 bi-directional fiber optic ports, each capable of handling 1024 X 1024 channels.

The BC-2000-D also serves as an audio and data Multiplexer via E1/T1/J1 and Ethernet. The BC 2215 module provides the BC 2000 D with the ability to input and output audio channels via data links such as E1/T1/J1. This facilitates using the BC 2000 D with station’s and broadcast center’s audio distribution networks, and with no distance limitation. The BC 2216 module permits data channels to be added to the system.

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