After Sales Service

When things do not work as expected and you need technical guidance related to our products, AEQ's after sales service is available.

With almost 40 years of track record it is easy to understand that we have seen almost all imaginable situations and  possibilities of malfunctioning -both due to faults in equipment and human error.

AEQ has a team of professionals in audio and communications, providing assistance and service in regards to AEQ equipment and when the situation so requires.

If you require technical assistance or support on the AEQ products you have purchased, please contact your AEQ distributor. If your distributor can not solve your question, he will ask you to contact AEQ TECHNICAL SUPPORT DEPARTMENT. You can contact with our After Sales Service by e-mail, telephone or fax, in Madrid-Spain or Florida-USA.

ADVISE: The support period for the oldest AEQ legacy analog consoles has ended 


If you are having problems with your AEQ equipment or system please contact your distributor and if it is necessary, contact our T.A.S. in Spain or USA. Indicate the problems or failures you are having and follow the instructions given. A high percentage of failures can be easily fixed without having to send the equipment back to our offices.

If the failure can not be fixed, AEQ T.A.S. will ask you to send the equipment in for repairs to our closest technical department. Please send the unit(s) in a convenient package with freight prepaid, including contact information (Do not forget to include your phone number) and detailed notes of failures detected, to either of our central offices. Please ensure that all equipment is well packaged, we will not be responsible for any damages suffered during transportation.

Materials and labor will be free of charge in repairs under warranty. Transportation and custom expenses are not covered by the standard warranty. Please include a copy of the purchase document to make the warranty effective.

If you require ‘on site’ repair assistance, please ask for a quotation.

Spare Parts

To order spare parts, contact your distributor or send an e-mail to or fax the AEQ technical assistance and service department with your personal data and company information, describe clearly the part/s and quantity needed. Providing the AEQ nine-digit part code will help us to expedite your request. We will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Thank you for trusting AEQ!


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