History of the company

AEQ has been developing, manufacturing and selling audio equipment, automation and production systems for Radio, Television and other media for more than 40 years under the “AEQ” brand.

AEQ has served an array of customers worldwide with its advanced audio technology, telephone communications expertise, audio storage applications and automation of multimedia production and broadcasting.

Moreover, since 1992 AEQ has been present at the major international sport events such as the Olympic Games and Football Word Caus and was instrumental in providing the audio signal to a worldwide audience during the transmission of those major sport events.

Back in 2010, AEQ moved to its new headquarters, a 5000 m2 building within the newly created Technologic Park in Leganés (Madrid). This building is located close to the public University Carlos III, doting AEQ with a greater R&D infrastructure and providing continuous renovation.

In 2014 AEQ acquired the KROMA TELECOM company, incorporating a complete range of video monitors and intercom systems to its production line, under the brand KROMA by AEQ.

AEQ's international expansion has been led to the commercial offices in Madrid, Miami, Portugal, Catalonia and New Delhi. Thanks to this commercial network and the support of local partners, AEQ exports to more than 90 countries and has a portfolio of more than 7,000 customers worldwide.


To be an international leader providing high performance and cost efficient Audio and Video products and solutions for the Broadcasting Industry.

The application of up-to-date technologies in our products and always ensuring customers the best solutions for their installations and operations.

AEQ is poised for a leap forward

The Company’s strategic model aims to secure technological innovations to meet current developing trends.

Media, especially Radio and Television, is being propelled by technology advancements. The need to adjust operational cost in a competitive environment, the demands for better quality audio and video transmissions and the necessity to broadcast news instantaneously are among the reasons to this vigorous technological race.

On this path, AEQ has been at the forefront; providing new solutions and technological development to broadcasters.

More than 40 years listening and responding to the needs

Not all of AEQ innovations originated from the implementation of technical advances. We like to listen to the market and on occasions, we have developed equipment, with existing technologies that were not applied to radio and television, from simple ideas and feedback thereby fostering productivity.

AEQ and its activities

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