AEQ has added a planning tool to the Olympia 3 Setup and Control Software 20/07/2023

AEQ has added a planning tool to the Olympia 3 Setup and Control Software

In anticipation of upcoming sporting events with hundreds of commentator positions in dozens of venues, AEQ has expanded the functionality of Olympia 3 to cover these needs


AEQ has been manufacturing equipment for the audio broadcasting of commentators at major sporting events since 1990. Now in production is OLYMPIA 3, the third Digital Commentary System with IP transmission and intercommunication.


Its design goal was to democratise the use of commentary units for use in basic environments such as mobile units, Off Tube sets, and simultaneous translation systems. No dedicated hardware is required as a source and origin of signals: Any AES67 or Dante equipment interfaces with Olympia 3.

It was also prepared for integration with intercom systems and can be used as an intercom user terminal: One of its channels can work as a user panel of intercom systems, both in the setup phase and live, if there is a coordinator in the commentator position.


In the next few months several very large continental and global events will be covered for the first time with Olympia 3, which has to be integrated into large multi-site audio routing systems, so it has been deemed necessary to develop planning and operational tools that simplify the deployment of the systems, and the readjustments when there are last minute changes in the booking.

From the Olympia 3 "Planner", the configuration of the whole system is generated, avoiding errors and above all the configuration time of each of the teams, including the Cus or Olympia 3 Commentator Units, which in a big event can be many.


AEQ has experience with such tools, working for more than a decade on the previous Olympia system at major events on a global scale. But Olympia 3 has a different working environment, with AoIP connectivity. The new planning tool is able to work simultaneously with venues with previous generation Olympia positions, with digital point-to-point connectivity, and other venues with current Olympia 3 with AoIP Dante /AES 67 connectivity.

At the same time, in order to make the connection to the AoIP standards of the different users more flexible, additional cards have been developed for the X_CORE routers used at major events. To the existing Dante AoIP cards controllable with Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager, AoIP Ravenna cards, compatible with SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 with NMOS control protocol, have been added.

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