Ágora International School builds new installations with AEQ’s technology 09/11/2016

Ágora International School builds new installations with AEQ’s technology

Since 1989 Àgora Sant Cugat International School is distinguished for its educational innovation and high academic and social output. To continue with these standards of quality the educational centre has recently installed a complete radio Studio with its Control room and with the objective to boost the resources for its Professional AV Media education.

The Company Broad Service was trusted with the complete installation of the radio studio and the AEQ FORUM broadcast console was the product chosen for the Control Room. The console sports 12 freely assignable Fader-channels and has been licensed with the FORUM SCREEN and VIRTUAL FORUM software applications. These applications allow the tutors to impart lessons from the classroom and without having to be in the Radio Studio and also allows for the remote student evaluation.

The AEQ AudioPlus became the choice for radio automation system. This software allows the use of the Computer USB Ports as the system sound cards, making the use of the FR-22 USB I/O card for the FORUM an ideal combination. The FR-22 provides 4 USB I/O ports that are detected as external USB Soundcards by the Automation System, maximizing the advantages in combination with great value.


The Studio installation was been completed with four High Quality Microphone and Headphone combinations connected through AEQ’s HB-02 Headphone and Microphone connector panels with individual Headphone Gain Control. Also, the AEQ SCR-03 remote control and signalling Desktop panel was installed on the Main Studio Table. The SCR-03 comes with Green Off-Air and Red On-Air lights, remote MUTE and CUE keys as well as 5 freely configurable keys allowing the connection to the AEQ FORUM Mixing Console through GPIO's.


The whole installation has been accomplished thanks to the coordination between Ferran Sanchez, teacher of Agora School, and Naxo Olivella, sales manager for AEQ in Catalonia.

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