Brazilian broadcaster BAND FM upgrades main studio with AEQ ATRIUM 28/02/2024

Brazilian broadcaster BAND FM upgrades main studio with AEQ ATRIUM

The radio station now has AEQ's most powerful digital mixer, enabling it to broadcast at the highest quality


Radio Bandeirantes is a network of radio stations in Brazil, belonging to the Bandeirantes de Comunicação Group, based in São Paulo. Radio Bandeirantes was inaugurated on 6 May 1937 and since then has been present in the coverage of the most important events in Brazil and the world, being one of the most credible and popular radio stations in the country, especially for its news programmes. It also has extensive coverage to the most remote areas of Brazil, such as the Amazon and beyond the borders, through its powerful shortwave, satellite and internet equipment. Its national network covers 13 states, plus the Federal District, and includes 7 of its own stations and 56 partner stations.

Recently the technical management of Radio Bandeirantes decided to upgrade the main broadcasting studio of Band FM in Sao Paulo where it can be followed on 96.1FM and from their website. The station already had AEQ digital equipment in its studios such as an AEQ ARENA console which during this process has been upgraded and transformed into a new fully digital AEQ ATRIUM digital console and now with audio over IP capabilities as well as fully configurable control surface and colour touch screens.


AEQ ATRIUM incorporates the maximum technology available today. Audio over IP systems allow to have inputs and outputs, process and control, distributed in different devices, being sometimes very distant physically. On the other hand, the convergence of audio and video over IP is starting to become a reality.

Within AEQ ATRIUM, different sets of tools based on the latest technology have been developed to generate a new concept, where the different components of the system can build combined functionalities, far superior to those that each of these components could provide separately. All this, in addition, with a great simplicity of configuration and integration within a system that can be easily extended beyond the walls of a production centre to, for example, connect to external events or to other production centres, permanently or temporarily, as part of a network of stations, within a multichannel AoIP system of the necessary dimension.

The entire project has been led by Band FM's chief engineer Mr Jean Pierre Zanetti in collaboration with AEQ Madrid's technical service for the final touches, configuration and remote customisation.

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