China International Radio receives AEQ Award from the Spanish Radio Academy 16/02/2017

China International Radio receives AEQ Award from the Spanish Radio Academy

Coinciding with the celebration of the Radio International day (established by the UNESCO on February 13) Ms. Sofia Yin, Studio Head Manager at China International Radio received from Fátima Pilar Miguez, Head of Communication of the Spanish Radio Academy, the AEQ Award in recognition to their 60 years of uninterrupted broadcasting in Spanish language. The awards ceremony took place in the City of Shanghai.

China International Radio (CIR in English), formerly named Radio Beijing, is one of the two radio stations run by the Chinese Government. CIR was founded on December the 3rd, 1941. This station broadcasts information, music in all Chinese official languages, plus all kind of cultural programs related to that country.

On the other hand, AEQ is a leading Spanish company that designs, manufactures and sells professional audio equipment for radio studios, with many years of experience in this very demanding Asian market.

The relationship between AEQ and the public Chinese broadcasters has extended for more than 20 years. Quite recently, even AEQ VENUS audiocodec units provided the audio links with Canada during the celebration of the past Short-Pool Swimming World Championship held in Windsor.

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