GORKA ZUMETA REMOTELY PRESENTS HIS NEW BOOK ”Radio: the silenced companion” 29/03/2021


He has used the new AEQ TALENT ultra-compact audio codec to contribute during the radio interviews about the book from his home


Gorka Zumeta (San Sebastián, 1962) is a prestigious Spanish journalist who was involved with Cadena SER for nearly 25 years. There, he developed several functions both in the production (La Ventana, Hora 25) and management areas. He has also worked for Punto Radio, at Teinteresa.es and started the online Mediaset Group radio (Radioset) from scratch.

He is currently presenting his book “Radio: the silenced companion”, edited by Kailas, where he performs a radiography of this medium, covering from its very beginnings to the newest technologies as well as present & future possibilities.



Due to current mobility limitations and sanitary restrictions imposed by the Covid19 pandemics, Gorka Zumeta has recurred to AEQ TALENT audio-codec to continue with his job remotely, being able to connect to all Spanish radio stations interested in his book using regular ADSL lines. This way, the journalist has been able to participate in a wide variety of radio programs without the need to travel to any recording studio, but at the same time ensuring professional audio quality.

AEQ TALENT is a state-of-the-art, ultra compact IP audio-codec, with unseen features in such a small unit, allowing for the connection of the participants’ headphones and microphones from home or any other place, making the contributed audio almost indistinguishable from that generated in the studio. AEQ TALENT transmits high-quality OPUS encoded audio from a microphone to the studio console and provides return signal to the headphones.



But TALENT provides other, complementary features that are extremely useful:

An external Stereo audio source can be connected physically and through a high-quality Bluetooth connection. These sources are added to the microphone signal, allowing you to broadcast and comment on concerts, sports or other events, or individual audio files or play-lists from a phone or PC and present them.

If a Bluetooth connection is established with a phone, this can be used to carry out a phone interview, either through a conventional call, or if we want more quality, through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others. Calls can be mixed to the program that is sent to the station. To send the audio to the station, a domestic internet connection can be used, ADSL, fiber, or a wireless 3G / 4G / 5G data connection through a simple router / modem with a SIM card.

For more information about Gorka Zumeta, please visit www.gorkazumeta.com

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