Pop Extremo and Sonora Grupera broadcasting

Grupo Expreso Sonora, a printed / digital media pioneer and leader in the Mexican state of Sonora, has undertaken their first adventure in the world of radio through the acquisition of two frequencies for the Guaymas and Navojoa cities.

Luis Felipe Romandía (CEO), with Cynthia Sánchez (administration), César Mendivil (engineering) and our authorized dealer Grupo Diez Tecnología, developed a project where the contents for both frequencies could be generated from a centralized location in Grupo Expreso headquarters, located in the city of Hermosillo. Once the contents are generated, these are sent using audiocodecs to Guaymas and Navojoa in high quality real-time audio.



Luis Felipe Romandía, Grupo Expreso CEO

Cynthia Sánchez and César Mendivil


Also, there was a requirement for the interconnection of both production and broadcasting studios, so they can share contents and sum signals to different locations. For this reason it was decided to install a Dante AoIP network and that solves this requirement in a simple and efficient way.

The project was completely deployed using AEQ equipment, simplifying operation, centralizing resources, ensuring contents integrity and optimizing costs.

AEQ AudioPlus automation system, using Dante Virtual Soundcards, is dedicated to content management and playout. 4 playout licenses (2 for Guaymas and 2 for Navojoa) have been installed, together with 3 production ones for the acquisition, recording and generation of music and advertising patterns. 

The system’s content playout mode can operate in two ways: manually, when operators are present, during normal working hours, or automatically, so the contents are broadcast following a schedule.


Sonora Grupera Studio operation                                              

Two AEQ Capitol IP digital mixing consoles were selected for the audio production of the “Pop Extremo” and “Sonora Grupera” frequencies. Both of the consoles are incorporating dual phone hybrids and 16-channel Dante interface. Further, 4 AEQ Bravo analog mixing consoles have been installed in the Guaymas and Navojoa cities, in order to be able to handle local productions.

The links are established through AEQ Phoenix family audiocodecs. Venus 3 dual-channel audiocodecs send two independent, simultaneous signals to each of the cities. Hence, the audio signal generated in Hermosillo is received at Guaymas and Navojoa with the AEQ Mercury single-channel audiocodecs.



AEQ Netbox analog/digital to Dante converters have also been installed. This made it possible to integrate the already existing and perfectly operational analog and / or digital audio devices, thus avoiding having to invest in replacing such equipment. These devices allow for plug & play operation to send and receive audio at any point of the station with very low, deterministic latency – typically under 5 milliseconds.

The complete integration was accomplished by Mexican authorized Dealer, Grupo Diez, with the sales  and technical support provided by Cesar Reyna, AEQ-KROMA Mexico Office Manager.

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