December 10, 2012 - Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

This 10 year old FM (91.9) Radio Station on St. Maarten Island in the Caribbean is using an AEQ Bravo console as their On-Air Board. When the station went shopping for IP based outside broadcast gear, they contacted AEQ Broadcast international Inc. in Miami again to see what we could offer.

Back to St. Maarten travelled a Phoenix Studio IP Codec for their studio and the Phoenix Pocket App for iPhone to make the team for Island 92’s remote kit.

PHOENIX STUDIO is an IP audiocodec, in a single 1 U rack-mountable case, with analogue and digital stereo inputs and outputs, universal power supply (90-250V AC). The PHOENIX also has two slots for inserting optional communication modules: ISDN, X21, V35 and GSM.  Indeed the modular approach of the PHOENIX means that modules can be easily connected depending upon customer preferences and available telecommunication infrastructures.
The PHOENIX, in addition to the main programme and return paths, can simultaneously provide a backup circuit (or coordination) utilising optional communication modules.

The Phoenix Pocket allows you to establish a high quality bidirectional connection between your Phoenix AudioCodec and an iPhone*, either through the 3G mobile network or a Wi-Fi access point. This is the way that Island 92 is using the application on a daily basis. Their reporters are able to transmit live their interviews and their collaborators to participate live in your programs using their iPhones* as the only technical equipment required.

The connection between the Phoenix Pocket and the Phoenix Studio is established over the internet and through the services of the AEQ SIP server that AEQ is providing to ensure easy connectivity for its customers.

Last weekend the station sent its On-Air personality, Dr. SOC (also the Stations Managing Director) to cover a fundraising event with the Phoenix Pocket App and the Phoenix Studio.

Says Dr SOC: “We used the Phoenix Pocket for the coverage of the event last weekend and we got tremendous reviews of our remote broadcast.  I was actually aboard a boat just off shore covering a fundraiser for a local school, called the Bath Tub Derby.  It was all about building and racing a cardboard boat.  We raised enough money to buy three computers for one of local schools. - Everything worked seamlessly.”

All pictures courtesy by Island 92 and Dr. SOC

Download the Article published in the Daily Herald covering “D’Event 1st Bathtub Derby - Team Dangerous wins”

About Island92 - Station Info:

“Island92 – 91.9 FM is the home of ROCK, BLUES and GOOD TIME MUSIC!!!

Broadcasting with 1000 watts of power from the Island of St. Maarten in the Northeast Caribbean, we dive into the music that takes us away from it all. Forget corporations, schedules, bills and stress. Music at Island 92 has always been an escape, and every song is special, with a different meaning to all of us.
The Rock, Blues and good time music we play is guaranteed to strike a chord, jog a memory, make you laugh, cry, sing and dance - and isn't that what music is for? So sit back and enjoy Island 92, we're glad to have you aboard.”

64 Welfare Road
Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

“D’Event 1st Bathtub Derby - Team Dangerous wins” by the Daily Herald St. Maarten

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