Joint us at NATEXPO 2016 in Russia, and see our latest products. 11/11/2016

Joint us at NATEXPO 2016 in Russia, and see our latest products.

AEQ will be present once again at the NAT EXPO 2016 Moscow. It is the place chosen by AEQ in order to present their latest technological innovations.

This year, among other equipment exhibited on the stand, there are three of them notable: the digital radio console FORUM IP, the AEQ PHOENIX VENUS 3 IP audiocodec and the wireless intercom system XPLORER.

AEQ FORUM IP offers the possibility of interconnecting multichannel AoIP links thanks to Dante protocol. It is a completely modular console both the size of the control surface options (from 4 to 20 faders), as modular in the number of inputs and outputs: modules of analog inputs, outputs Digital AES / EBU or SPDIF, analog outputs, optical fiber links, USB, headphones, ports etc ... all within an elegant silver design with optional associated control touch screen.


                   FORUM IP

AEQ PHOENIX VENUS 3 IP AudioCodec, comes with Dual Ethernet ports and RS232 serial ports, optional 48VDC power supplies and additional Multichannel IP networking Connectivity using Audinate DANTE™ /AES67 protocol.

Finallly, the XPLORER wireless intercom system is a step further into the range of KROMA by AEQ intercoms. On this small size device equipped with a touch screen, it is possible spread out as many beltpacks as user needs. Xbp allows you to create working areas, overlap them, manage clean transitions for the end user, and all while maintaining excellent audio quality. The XPLORER intercom system is also available for intercom matrixes CONEXIA and the new CROSSNET.


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