LOS40 Granada, pioneers in making radio from home, now broadcasts with TALENT 10/03/2021

LOS40 Granada, pioneers in making radio from home, now broadcasts with TALENT



LOS40 (formerly Los 40 Principales) is a Spanish music-themed radio station, part of the PRISA Radio network. It is the pioneer and most popular thematic radio station in the country, with around 2,923,000 listeners. It has versions in ten other countries, making it the leading international music radio station in Spain and Latin America.

LOS40 network relies on a main broadcast from Madrid but has partner stations to cover a large part of the country, customising part of the content and the corresponding marketing of local advertising in the area.

For years, LOS40's partner station for the north of the province of Granada has been promoting remote work, a philosophy that has now been consolidated by the health emergency.

One of the station's star broadcasters in the Granada region is Cristina Gómez, who now does her programme every day from home without having to go to the central station facilities. Cristina now has a unit of the new portable audio codec, AEQ TALENT at home, which allows her to send her voice-overs in excellent audio quality to the programme production centre, as well as to insert even small pieces of audio that she stores on her local PC.

AEQ TALENT has been specifically designed for this: A portable IP Audiocodec that allows the transmission of a high quality encoded audio channel from a microphone to a remote equipment at the station, and back to the participant's headset. 




Talent can also transmit a stereo signal from a 3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth A2DP connection, or the mix of the microphone with the stereo signal. In the opposite direction it can receive stereo programme feedback or commands from the station and alternatively to listening to it through headphones, it can be output via a line output, or via Bluetooth, to a PC or amplification system. 

With very easy connectivity. As a communication channel, it is enough to use a home Internet connection, via ADSL or fibre, or a wireless 3G/4G/5G data connection via a simple router/ modem with SIM card.

AEQ TALENT’s microphone input is equipped with an extremely low-noise and low-distortion preamp. The transport can be carried out with OPUS coding which guarantees high bandwidth and minimum delay.


For more info about LOS40, please visit los40.com.

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