Major deployment of AEQ Intercom system at GAMERGY MEXICO 2023 14/09/2023

Major deployment of AEQ Intercom system at GAMERGY MEXICO 2023


Riot Games has once again relied on AEQ to deliver one of the biggest events in esports

Mexico is a very important market for video games worldwide, and once again the most important event will be held in 2023 with the second edition of Gamergy Mexico.

Gaergy is the world's largest esports and gaming festival, now in its 15th year in Europe, and this second Mexican event is expected to attract a total attendance of more than 75,000 people over the three days of the event.

Gamergy Mexico 2023 featured the League of Legends final of the Latin American league on August, as well as several concerts, with the first guest artist being EMJAY. For those who werent esports professionals, but were interested on the event, there were several amateur tournaments, streamer events, seminars and lots of video games.

For the technical coordination of all staff involved, the intercom system with IP techonology selected was AEQ's CROSSNET with TP8000 series panels and AEQ XPLORER beltpacks.

The use of IP technology throughout the assembly simplified cabling tasks, minimised installation time, and allowed for great versatility in operation, with infinite changes in real time to adapt to the agile and dynamic production required for the live broadcasting of video games.




Riot Games, moved their entire audio and video infrastructure from their arena in Plaza Artz to Expo Santa Fe, which involved significant transition logistics several days in advance.

In collaboration with the AEQ Mexico office, leading by César reyna, the relocation of its intercom infrastructure was validated, which included configuration backup, backup intercom matrix hardware, validation of cabling, access points and disconnection of equipment from the network infrastructure which is composed of 16 TP8116 IP panels, 10 Xplorer wireless beltpacks and 10 analogue audio sources.


Once on location, the matrix is reconnected and the configuration of the panels is changed to Dante for control and audio. This integration was important for this event due to the long distances to be covered.

Once the physical part is done, the matrix is reprogrammed according to the specific needs of the event. An important feature of Crossnet is that it allows to have up to 8 different maps on its hard disk, so the configuration of Plaza Artz remained saved. 

One of the great advantages of our Xplorer beltpacks is that they can work on 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi networks. For this event it was chosen to work in the 5GHz band connected with 4 AP's.

The entire system is integrated into the chain's AoIP flow and allows signals to be exchanged between the various contribution, production, intercom and coordination systems. In particular, the audio present in the AEQ CROSSNET intercom matrix, coming from its ports and panels, can be exchanged via IP Dante with any other element of the installation or compatible third-party equipment.

For technicians and staff on the go, on set and in other areas, XPLORER beltpacks were chosen, thanks to its long battery life of up to 20 hours, it allows you to chain recordings with live performances without having to recharge the battery.



Once the event is over, all equipment was returned, returning to normal operation in less than 1 hour.

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