Major deployment of the AEQ Intercom system at GAMERGY 2023 at IFEMA Madrid 07/02/2024

Major deployment of the AEQ Intercom system at GAMERGY 2023 at IFEMA Madrid

GGTECH Entertainment has once again relied on AEQ technology for the development of the event


The Gamergy 2023 event was held at Ifema Madrid on 15 December 2023. An event designed for all fans of video games and the online world. Its main objective is to transform both the physical and virtual space into an area of interest not only for gamers, but also for companies and institutions. Among all the participants (attendees, players, etc.) a magical environment is built, which takes place every year in IFEMA MADRID.

Among all the activities offered by the event, the most remarkable are the GAMERGY Masters, professional face-to-face tournaments. Two stages were built where the participants gave a good account of the gamer battles.

The event organization was equipped with the AEQ Crossnet matrix and TP 8116 panels. For the technicians and staff on the move, on set and in other areas, they were equipped with XPLORER beltpacks which, thanks to their long autonomy of up to 20 hours, make it possible to chain recordings with live performances without having to recharge the battery.


With this equipment it was possible to coordinate the entire event, as well as to provide the referees with all the necessary information for the development of the tests.

AEQ Intercom systems enter a world of possibilities with the ability to make configurations, cross points, send and receive Dante signals from both mixers and other equipment within the system.

The use of IP technology throughout the assembly simplified cabling tasks, minimised installation time, and allowed for great versatility in operation, with infinite changes in real time to adapt to the agile and dynamic production required for the live broadcasting of video games.


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