Master FM debuts in digital technology with AEQ 04/10/2017

Master FM debuts in digital technology with AEQ

Master FM is a small music radio company with associated stations across several regions in Spain.

Master FM is a new music radio company. The head station is located in Mostoles, east of Madrid. Master FM has associated stations in Asturias, Seville, and Extremadura, located in the North, South and West of Spain, respectively. 

An AEQ CAPITOL IP digital mixer has been installed in MASTER FM head office in order to provide better audio quality to their listeners. This mixing console also provides a great remote broadcasting for the associated stations.

So far, Master FM signal was produced using an analog AEQ BC-2000 mixer. According to the manager, José Manuel Espadas, the change was an imperative issue due to the new technical requirements, the need for more flexible workflow, as well as the demand for higher sound quality. 

Now, the new AEQ CAPITOL IP digital mixer simplifies ON AIR working and allows the creation of simultaneous production while broadcasting. Thanks to its 10 output buses, Master FM can record their programs, send them in streaming and FM radio broadcast at the same time; even send different contents through each of these media.

The studio, configured in self-control mode, includes three guests microphones–the main one is a double-diaphragm condenser microphone fed by the 48V phantom supply provided by CAPITOL IP-, several PCs which are directly connected to the console via USB in/out interfaces –thus not requiring soundcards-, a monitoring system and some headphones.

Last, but not least, Mr Spadas highlighted the high quality provided by the dual phone hybrid included in AEQ CAPITOL IP, making the voices of the listeners calling the station sound more natural, while enabling the host to talk to two incoming calls at the same time.

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