The new KROMA+AEQ intercom system is an excellent choice for a global audio solution. Based on a KROMA TM8000 master unit and an AEQ BC2000D crosspoint matrix, the new system can host up to 1024x1024 sources, based on a modular structure of 8x8-port cards.

The new configuration allows to integrate both intercom and broadcast audio sources under the same controller, with 24 bits sampling and a fully redundant matrix.

The new system is compatible with current and previous digital and hybrid KROMA user terminals, and expands the interface possibilities with both KROMA interfaces (telephone, IP, GSM) and AEQ cards (MADI, fibre optics ...).

Flexible port configuration

The crosspoint matrix is based on modules of 8x8 cards, allowing system configurations up to 1024 crosspoints. The cards may include 4-wires broadcast quality analogue audio (BC2209) or KROMA proprietary intercom protocol (BC2210).

Intercom interface frames and linkers

The connection possibilities of the AEQ+KROMA system may be expanded with additional KROMA interface cards hosted by the TR5000 and TR7000 frames. There is wide range of interface cards including telephone set and line, GSM-SIM card, ISDN, etc.

Additionally, the IL5000 IP linkers add IP capabilities to the system, allowing to connect remote panels and beltpacks.

Two worlds, one system

One of the main advantages of the new KROMA+AEQ development is the possibility to integrate broadcast and audio sources in the same matrix. The intercom system is therefore improved with additional features typically found in broadcast audio systems, like 24 bits sampling and processing, a fully redundant matrix and MADI interface. Moreover, the complete integration of both systems allows to use any of the raw sources with broadcast quality and avoids to manage two unconnected parallel audio systems; although two independent software configuration tools for both broadcast and intercom offer the specific functions each world requires.


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