CADENA COPE is one of the major radio broadcasters in Spain, boasting more than 350 radio stations (AM, FM and DAB) as well as more than 80 local production facilities, that air four national programmes with own content, including local and regional disconnections. The nature of these programmes go from general emissions to various musical content. All these radio stations broadcast local, regional and national advertisements inserted in their programmes following their own marketing strategies. This has been like this for more than 20 years, when the process of automation of its transmissions started aid by a computer system that allowed to broadcast the adverts automatically and by sectors.

CADENA COPE is one of the first radio broadcasters that started to transmit in this way. This was supported by the company AEQ and its technological expertise, who in partnership with the technical engineers of Cadena Cope started designing a system able to synchronise all remote tranmission services and to be able in turn, to transmit their own independent content at the call of an order, and once those contents were finished to be able to revert to the initial status of one only national content.

It was then that Telecomando was developed in conjuction with AEQ, a system able on one hand to generate those orders and on the other to synchronise all clocks for all systems connected and as well able to produce a control log of the ocurring incidents.

This first application suscessful for more than 20 years was decisive to develop the updated AEQ AUDIO PLUS application, that it is not only based on the same premises as the Telecomando, but that also has more up to date features with the current transmission formats used by broadcasters.

Cadena COPE  and AEQ have once again developed a new Audio Production System to meet the high standards of performance needed by one of the most important players of the Spanish radio industry, the new Audio Production System , with improved features to manage the audio of the automatic  transmissions, improved advance edition tools with access to the audio network for the different reporters that are in fact independent networks. The system has also a superior security level that allows access to the application from different platforms to service the multiple transmission channels. It is also worth mentioning the features for data managent on the internet from the very same transmission position, that range from data publication to automatic Podcast generation. The system offers as well more than 50 channels for continuity recording with inmediate access for all users, automatic management of the transmission audio files, remote management of any tranmission position, etc.

The service security is done by 15 redundant servers that provide access to all users and installed applications. 

Complete project has been coordinated by Cadena COPE CTO MR Isaac Moreno and Chief Engineer Mr Juan Antonio Alamillo, in collaboration AEQ Sales Director Mr Javier Moreno and AEQ Chief Engineer Mr Cesar Reyna and all the rest of AEQ Technical Service in Madrid.


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