Madrid October 28, 2011

Monitoring application for the digital mixing console AEQ FORUM.

As from November 1, 2011 the compact digital mixing console AEQ FORUM offers a new optional features through FORUM SCREEN. This SW application multiplies in quantity and size the different meters and indicators for monitoring that the control surface of the mixer incorporates.

Indicative levels corresponding to the Vu-/peak-meters for Program, Audition, Auxiliar 1 and 2 output buses as well as the go and return signals for the principal phone and mix-minus buses and CUE, are transmitted through TCP/IP. Further, indications with regards to the routing of the different signals to the phone and mix-minus buses, the status of each phone line, date and time of the mixer and On-air signalling are also part of the informative monitoring available through this application.

These functions are incorporated as standard features to the HW of the AEQ FORUM and are available optionally and as a tool to better visualize the general status of the mixing console and particular details that is pertaining top the actual program. The Visualisation can be accomplished in any area of the station; studio, control, station central control, the “Boss” office or a remote location that could be a transmission control for a station network.

Other new features for AEQ FORUM;

At the IBC 2011 show in Amsterdam at the beginning of September, AEQ also presented another two very important additional features of the AEQ FORUM


AEQ FORUM Digital Mixing Console includes an optional control software called VIRTUAL FORUM. This application incorporates all the functions that are available on the physical equipment, i.e. the control surface. This implies that the application can be used as a complement to he physical control surface or completely substitute the same.

The application faithfully reproduces every detail of the control surface and all the operational features of switches, rotary encoders and faders. It also shows all information and internal menus that are visible in every display of the physical control surface.

The application renders the AEQ FORUM with improved user and maintenance functions:

Evaluation and training

If the application is configured in DEMO mode it allows the user to verify functionality and performance of the console. In this mode, the application is interacting with a virtual “engine” making it easy to present the equipment and train users remotely. In DEMO mode, the application is offered free of charge through the AEQ distributor and dealer network.

Remote control

Used as a remote control, the application renders the user with total control of all the features and functions of the mixing console including the remote representation of the Vu-meters. This allows for simultaneous and parallel operation of the mixer with the technician in the control. This also facilitates remote technical support as potentially erroneous configurations or operations can be verified making diagnostics and bug tracking a simple task.

Complementary console

The AEQ FORUM can be configured as a 4, 8 or 12 Fader control surface, but the capacity in number of signals that can be managed in the system supersedes this number by far. With the Virtual FORUM, the signals that are not assigned to any particular channel fader on the physical control surface can be managed by the SW application and as a set of additional and virtual channel faders of the console.

Alternative console.

In the unlikely event that the control surface should present a total or partial failure, you can use VIRTUAL FORUM to partially or completely substitute the control surface, until the eventual fault has been repaired.

AEQ VIRTUAL FORUM software is a dedicated application and runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows-7 operating systems.




AEQ launches new USB 2.0 audio interfaces for its compact and digital mixing consoles AEQ FORUM.

The new boards - FR-20 - are equipped with 4 USB slave ports (USB B-type connectors) that provides the AEQ routers and mixing consoles with USB connectivity to send or receive audio from one or several (up to 4) computers. Each USB interface is a stereo I/O channel.

Simply connect the computer with a standard USB cable to any of the ports on these boards, and a new audio device will automatically appear as available to the computer. To this device you can send audio from any audio playback application in the same way as if it was an external professional audio board but without having to accomplish any analogue cabling or going through AD/DA conversions. It is also possible to record any audio from the mixing console in a file on the computer through any recording application.

Supported sampling frequencies are 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz and 48 Khz, with sampling rate converters to 48 Khz that corresponds to the internal and native sampling rate of the AEQ digital systems.

These boards are plug&play on Microsoft™ and Apple Computer Mac OS ™ . The operating system will mount a new audio board for each connected port.

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