Radio FM Kawaguchi of Japan relies on AEQ to equip one of its central studios 03/08/2016

Radio FM Kawaguchi of Japan relies on AEQ to equip one of its central studios

Our friends from Radio FM Kawaguchi rely again on AEQ equipment to equip their head studio in Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture, Japan).

Pleased with the Phoenix Mercury audiocodecs performance, as same as the TH -03 telephone hybrid and the AEQ AM03 audio monitor performance, Perfect Sound, the distributor in the region, has recently installed our digital broadcast console AEQ FORUM in the radio control studio, specifically designed for ON AIR control emissions.

This professional mixer incorporates all the basic features required in such environments: automatic monitor cut, cut cough, fader start, signalling control, control signals for the automation of external equipment, management of external communications, intercommunications, etc.

In addition, in order to continue providing the radio with the best audio quality, Perfect Sound has installed two AEQ SONATA audio processor.

AEQ SONATA incorporates 20 factory presets to select your station’s sonic signature in an easy and straightforward way and another 20 user presets allowing the configuration of customized settings. An automatic preset time switch is also available. This allows to automate the changing of the stations signature sound following the different programs and styles scheduled.

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