The Russian Radio - RTR, main broadcaster in Russia are trusting AEQ Phoenix Audiocodecs for their own and Euroradio remotes in IP, ISDN, 3G and POTS (PSTN).

RTR is also part of the Euroradio network and under the umbrella of the European Broadcasting Union. To better service the Euroradio clients, RTR have installed the AEQ PHOENIX STUDIO in their Central Broadcast Control Room. These multi-format AudioCodecs are connected to RTR's Studios through the AEQ BC-2000 Audio routing system in AES/EBU. To connect the AEQ Phoenix Studio to the outside world, RTR are generally using the double Ethernet interfaces for the IP communications but can also use the ISDN and POTS(PSTN) connectivity of the equipment when circumstances so require. Basically and depending on what RTR may find on the other side of their way of transmission, the AEQ Phoenix studio can be IP, ISDN or POTS. It also becomes very useful that the the units Ethernet interfaces are independent. RTR normally assigns one of the Ethernet connections to SIP connections (Private IP) and the other for RTP or Direct SIP (Public IP). This way RTR can always run two simultaneous IP connections from the same AEQ Phoenix.

RTR are frequently making international connections using the equipment. The IP connections are typically the preferred type of connections. For example, for foreign Journalists we provide the broadcast service from our studios to their home countries. As an example, for the Danish radio we are providing connectivity for their journalists from Denmark through Direct SIP. Journalist from other countries are also making connections from our studios to their countries. These connections are normally lasting over two hours and have to be accomplished with the highest broadcast audio standards in terms of both Audio quality and reliability.

Also, we are using the equipment to cover events, both sports and others. Last years Eurovision Song contest in Oslo was entirely accomplished with the AEQ Phoenix AudioCodecs. We decided on that occasion to link our studios with the event through RTP connection (IP interface). The transmissions lasted for 7 days and for four hours a day and we can only say that communication and quality of audio were excellent.

This year, among the International broadcast communications that have been accomplished with the AEQ Phoenix Studio in ISDN mode are the RTR studio interconnection with Ukraine (Kiev), Poland (Warsaw) and with Bulgaria (Sofia)

Our AEQ Phoenix Studio are readily available for use by RTR and other broadcasters that belong tot he Euroradio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our colleges just have to call us and we can connect them to our studios.

For our own national journalists, we also have six AEQ PHOENIX MOBILE. These units are the perfect companion to the AEQ Phoenix Studio. We use them to keep our field reporters connected with our studios in Moscow. Normally, our journalists are connecting through SIP and 3G modem, but they also have the possibility to connect through either ISDN or POTS (PSTN).

Andrey Kozlov
Head of Broadcast Zones Forming Section
Euroradio Contact Engineer

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